D-Bus Gobar Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to install, configure, and run a modified version of github.com/AmandaCameron/gobar, a taskbar written in Go.

The D-Bus features of gobar currently don't work. I hope this tutorial will make it easier for developers to properly fix these issues.

  1. If you haven't done so already, run through the Wingo Tutorial.

  2. Install the following packages from DPorts.

    • bzr
    • dbus

  3. Install gobar and its configuration tool. Run the following commands.

    go get github.com/varialus/gobar
    go get github.com/varialus/gobar/gen-bar/config

  4. Configure gobar. Run the following commands.

    mkdir -p ~/.config/gobar
    gen-bar-config > ~/.config/gobar/config.wini

  5. Start gobar. Run the following command.


  6. To quit out of gobar, repeatedly press ctrl-c within the xterm in which you started gobar.
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